When licensed professionals, such as architects and engineers, are accused of malpractice, they often face the possibility of having to pay significant damages if they lose their case ― not to mention the harm such allegations can inflict upon their careers. Given what is at stake, you, as a professional, need to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible following accusations of malpractice.

Whether you are an architect, an engineer, an architecture or engineering firm, or even an insurance company for any of the above, the dedicated lawyers at DiRienzo, DiRienzo & Dulinski, P.A., will tackle allegations of architectural or engineering malpractice head-on. When you are facing a professional liability claim, you can count on us to do everything possible to defend your rights and your livelihood.

Disputing Liability With Experienced Legal Representation

Just because a past customer or client has suffered damages or isn't happy does not mean you are responsible as a professional. In fact, as long as an architect or engineer complies with the professional practices and standards of care imposed by New Jersey law, he or she will typically not be considered negligent ― meaning there is no liability, even if the customer or client has suffered damages. The fact of the matter is that New Jersey law does not require, or even expect, perfection on the part of architects or engineers.

Being a graduate mechanical engineer, attorney Joseph DiRienzo understands these complex legal standards better than most, particularly how they apply to engineers and architects. So let him put his more than 20 years of legal experience to work for you.

We Can Help With A Professional Liability Claim Or A Licensure Hearing

If you are facing a professional liability claim related to alleged engineering or architectural malpractice, contact DiRienzo, DiRienzo & Dulinski, P.A., to speak to a knowledgeable professional liability defense lawyer. We can even represent you in administrative or board hearings regarding licensure issues.

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